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House no.3-101, East Gonagudem




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About ISTS Women's Engineering College | East Godavari

College is endowed with modern physical, technological and academic infrastructure and provides world class learning ambience to its students.The ISTS Women’s Engineering College holds Seminars and Workshops for building current awareness and enabling active interaction with expert-practitioners in various fields.We will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their stay in The ISTS Women’s Engineering College is meaningful and fruitful as well.Outdoor and Indoor recreational and cultural programmes are organized regularly according to the academic schedule of the respective colleges.Facilities for sports, indoor games and areas for recreation and creative pursuits make The ISTS Women’s Engineering College a great place in shaping strong personalities.All the students are encouraged to excel and participate in programmes, at The ISTS Women’s Engineering College, state and national level.The ISTS Women’s Engineering College has taken on the responsibility to design its courses, frame its syllabi and conduct its own evaluation.ISTS Women’s Engineering College provides highly qualified & experienced faculty for teaching.The ISTS Women’s Engineering College has the unique and proud privilege of intimate association with prominent legal professionals of distinction as visiting faculty who regularly conduct lectures, workshops and discussions with students despite their hectic schedules and preoccupations.We have a great teacher-student ratio, which means each student gets personalized attention, valuable inputs with feedback for IDP (Individual Development Plans) to get groomed for corporate success. What’s more, the faculty members treat students as professionals.The ISTS Women’s Engineering College’s comprehensive offerings, its excellent programs, its uniquely talented faculty, and its support services.Student Library software is installed in the library’s Computers and used for Library Management. Bar-coding labels are pasted to all books in the library. ‘Digital Borrower’s Cards’ are issued to all Staff and Students.
•  Digital and conventional Libraries with high speed internet connectivity
•  Computing and communication facilities for worldwide information access
• Cultural festivals to nurture and exhibit talents in Cultural fields.
• Academic & Research Activities run under mentorship of Unversity 
• Round the clock security services equipped with CCTV surveillance
• Medical officer on duty, 24 hours vehicle available for emergency
• Effective teaching learning process and modern infrastructure.
• Excellent Academic Results and Healthy Academic Environment
•  Transport facility from every nook and cornet of the city
• 200 mbps premium internet bandwidth with 1:1 connectivity.
• Most of the classrooms and laboratories with ICT facility
• 24 – hours All round security with CCTV cameras on campus