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About N e.m sr sec school | Hyderabad

The N e.m sr sec school has strict norms of study, hygiene and uniform.The N e.m sr sec school provide training in various relaxation techniques, yoga, and meditation to students in order to bolster their routines. The training, provided to students for three hours every week, allows them to cope with their academic regimens.The N e.m sr sec school mainly focus on giving practical knowledge to students, making students more efficient, and increasing problem solving skills and thinking capabilities of students.The N e.m sr sec school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens.The N e.m sr sec school play a dominant role, competing in every activity offered. We are well respected for excellence in our quality of student-athletes, both on the playing field and off.The N e.m sr sec school aim to make our students life-long learners, and their years at school are the beginning of this journey. The N e.m sr sec school provide a diversified school-based curriculum to help our students to develop independent thinking and positive attitude, acquire new information technology and a global perspective.The N e.m sr sec school is well equipped in terms of facilities as we have a Sports, a library, a nice playground, our classes are modern, the buses are adequate and labs are functional.Special training in activities like martial arts, athletics and skating are also provided. Meditation and yoga classes are also conducted that help students hone their concentration skills and pay more attention in their classes.
• AMPLE play area
• Standby Generator
• Stress free Education
• Health Care, Medical check up
• Healing bay with First Aid Materials